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Rocket Pig Games is now creating unbelievable 3D Printable Monster Miniatures!

Weekly Set IV: Horror Fiends NOW AVAILABLE

On sale for $9.99 as a set or $5.99 for Patrons!

What are Weekly Miniature Sets?

Each week we select a set of miniatures to offer at a special bundled price. For standard sized models, it's $9.99 for three miniatures. After the week, we separate them and sell them at their individual retail prices.

If you are a'll get an additional 40% off the already discounted set!  Just another perk of joining our Patreon family!

Gothic City Stretch Goal "The Slums" Now Available

On sale for $9.99! The Slums are a versatile prop set from the Gothic City Kickstarter.

Further discounts are available if you belong to our Patreon! Check it out here .