Tilescape Kickstarter 2018...Coming Soon!

Friday Night Fun!

Our next Kickstarter terrain project is creeping up on us and I hope you're ready because you're going to be knocked out! This is an ASTOUNDING project that you will surely NOT want to miss!

WHERE will it be? It will be on the Kickstarter platform. Make sure you are following us on Facebook for updates and teasers...that's where we interact with our fans, hold contests, and post store specials!

At Rocket Pig Games we love having fun while supporting a great cause! Every Friday we announce a new game that runs for one week. Everyone is welcome to join and we will ship the prizes anywhere in the world!  All proceeds from the game go to support potbelly pig rescue.

These games are ONLY on our Facebook page so be sure to follow us so you don't miss out...the prizes are always wonderful and anyone would love them!

Tune in every Friday for my FaceBook LIVE video of the prize and chat session about what's happening at our studio!

We look forward to seeing you there, I hope you become one of our "regulars!"
WHY are you using Kickstarter? Because we love it! We are able to reach so many people from all over the world...and we have a huge international audience! Kickstarter does have some hefty fees for us but it's worth it! It's fun for you and exciting for us! Kickstarter is safe and reliable so if you've never signed up...sign up for our upcoming project...you won't be sorry! The best thing about Kickstarter is that it won't cost you anything to sign up or use!

WHAT and the WHEN will be announced as the launch date gets closer. We will be featuring an updated system that works seamlessly with our original system...but it's way better! Since it doesn't effect how Tilescape works, we will not be re-desiging our current tiles. I urge you to grab our King of Thieves and start printing ASAP, before our next project is released! Time is running out!


Use Coupon Code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout for $20 off of your purchase of $60 or more!

No holds barred...even good on King of Thieves)

PHILANTHROPY for pigs sake!

The heart of Rocket Pig Games is with farm animals and especially, potbelly pigs. Every raffle we run, donation we receive, and every dollar we make in our store goes toward rescuing potbelly pigs. There are several rescues and sanctuaries we support and because of your participation and patronage, we have donated thousands of dollars and have saved and enriched many piggy lives.

We are also, saving money to open our OWN potbelly pig rescue! We have a dedicated bank account for that and as soon as we get the farm, we will have this fund to transport, vet, and feed our incoming piggies! Thanks to you, this is a dream come true. Thank you for caring as much as we do.

If you would like to make a donation to piggy rescue you can use this link and it goes directly into the piggy fund.
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